Civic Engagement & Civic Leadership

Why Civic Engagement?

Citizens play a vital role in maintaining democracy and creating communities that thrive. Civic engagement refers to how citizens participate in public life. Talking to your friends and neighbors about issues in the community that you all care about, keeping up with the news, volunteering with local organizations, and voting during elections are all forms of civic engagement. Despite the importance of civic engagement, it has been on the decline for decades, contributing to fragmentation and polarization in society.

How can we help citizens participate in their community?
How do we make participation accessible, manageable, and sustainable for all?

How We Help:

  • Civic engagement or leadership program development consulting.

  • Civic leadership development presentations and training for your organization.

  • Civic/community participation education and training for your organization.

  • Training in civil dialogue for your organization to help bridge divides, build understanding, and communicate better.

  • People, Opportunities & Participation (POP) Program, intergenerational civic leadership program. (Coming January 2019)