(Couch)Surfing the Wave of Participation with Armchair Advocacy

A broader view of participation is necessary for building a strong and sustainable movement to make positive political change.  Rather than viewing armchair advocacy as inaction, we ought to reframe armchair advocacy as another form of being in action.  Here's a starting point list of armchair advocacy ideas to help us all stay in action in a way that works best for each of us.

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Heather Conklin
Engaging Young Voters

How do we reach young voters?  And how do we keep young people engaged in politics?  These questions come up frequently during discussions about voter turnout, campaigning, and the future of our country.  Recently, I had the privilege of participating in a community discussion about outreach to young voters with young voters themselves.  Here's what I learned...

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Heather ConklinComment
Spewing Sheet(cake), Satire, & Solutions

I’ve had enough of the fighting about what “sheetcaking” represents and what Tina Fey did or did not insinuate.  Here’s the funny thing about satire—it is not always meant to be obviously funny.  Satire is meant to spoof reality as a form of critical commentary and reflection on society.  Good satire is intended to make people think. 

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